2025 4th International Conference on Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and the Digital Economy


The Successful Conclusion of CSAIDE 2024

2024 3rd International Conference on Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy has been successfully held on March 8-10, 2024 in Jinan, China. 

This conference focused on the academic trends and development trends in the fields ofCyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy, and conducted research and discussion on current hot issues, aiming to provide a platform for sharing scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies, promote academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of Algorithms, Microchips and Network Applications, and make positive contributions to promoting industry upgrading and innovation.


Speeches of Keynote Speakersimage.png


Prof.Mouquan Shen

Nanjing Tech University, China

TitleCommunication issues in artificial intelligence

Prof.Lisu Yu

Nanchang University, China

Title:CMA-assisted High-capacity Visible

Light Communication Networks for 6G


Assoc. Prof. Deepika Koundal

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES)

Title: Harnessing Deep Learning forAdvanced

Image Processing

Assoc. Prof. Yanzhi Ren

University of Electronic and Science of Technology of China, China

Title:Robust Mobile Two-Factor

Authentication Leveraging Active Sound Sensing


Prof. Reggie Davidrajuh

University of Stavanger, Norway

Title: Modeling Discrete Systems with GPenSIM

Oral Presentationsimage.png

On the afternoonof March 9th, 6 people including Zhiyong You from The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, Wenhui Fu from School of Computer and Artificial Intelligence, Zhengzhou University, Yang Zhang from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zi-Wei Sun from School of Information Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University gave oral presentations. The delegates held constructive dialogues and discussions on the reports submitted, and achieved positive results in many aspects.


Zhiyong You

The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security

Title: Construction of a Layered Rule Base System Based on

Cyber Security

Wenhui Fu

School of Computer and Artificial Intelligence, Zhengzhou University

Title: Research on KG and LLM Knowledge-Enhanced Pediatric Diseases



Yang Zhang

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Title:A Board-level Hardware Trojan Detection Method

Zi-Wei Sun

Southwest Jiaotong University

Title: The Flying Bird Object Detection Methods in Surveillance Video


Zihan Yin

Beijing Jiaotong University

Title: A Comparative Study of Multi-Factor Quantitative Investment Models Based on Investor Sentiment

Shangkun Deng

China Three Gorges University

Title: Enterprise Financial Crisis Risk Warning Based on Machine Learning methods


This conference presents a rich content of high-level, international academic feast. Experts and scholars discussed the cutting-edge progress of related technologies at the conference, explored the development trend and future development direction of the industry, through the discussion, the participants deepened their understanding of the industry and inspired new ideas and innovation points. On the one hand, it promotes the development and progress ofCyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy. On the other hand, it also helps the development of scientific research and the training of scientific and technological talents in our country. I look forward to meeting with all experts and scholars again at the next conference and colliding with more sparks of thinking!